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Outside the realm of psychology, Diane has developed a strategy for trading stock options, based on Psychology and Chess. 


Her methodology became so successful that her husband was able to retire. They spent 3 years traveling the world;  bought a beachfront Condo on St. Croix and enjoy several cruises a year.


Want to learn more about how she works her plan to make money when most option traders lose money?


Diane’s “Options and Chess” strategy is described in Dr. Alexander Elder’s new book “Entries and Exits” (Wiley).  In chapter 10 you’ll read how Dr. Buffalin employs her strategy in easy to understand terms, its just “Dancing like Fred Astaire, but Backwards and in High Heels.”


Learn how Dr. Buffalin’s “backwards” approach to options trading is creating for her the financial security everyone dreams of.


Dr. Elder, world renowned market analyst and psychiatrist, author of the best selling “Trading for a Living”  and "Come into My Trading room”.


Individual consultations at SmartOptions@Buffalin.com

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