Diane Buffalin, Ph.D.














     Dr. Buffalin maintains a private practice as a Cognitive

     Therapist specializing in Stress Management.


     Cognitive Therapy can help with:


  • Depression  

  • Anxiety

  • Life  Transitions

  • Job Stress

  • Marital problems:  Separation/divorce issues

  • Health issues:  PMS

  • Relationship problems

  • Self-esteem problems

  • OCD

  • Childhood and adolescent depression, anxiety, problems with school performance, and relationship issues with friends, family, and step-family members.


Consultations contact: DrDiane@Buffalin.com





    ●      Doctorate in Psychology with specialization in

             Behavioral Medicine from Wayne State University


    ●      Graduate degree in Educational Psychology from

             Queens College, New York,






   ●      Licensed Psychologist


   ●       Certification in Cognitive Therapy under the supervision of

             Dr. Albert Ellis,  Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy


            Permanent Certification as a School Psychologist, New York




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