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Dr. Diane uses wit and wisdom to explain how biology influences behavior.






She is a psychologist specializing in Cognitive Therapy who is uniquely able to present the mechanisms and effects of brain function, neuropsychology, social factors and hormones on daily behavior. 


 Dr. Diane gives specific techniques to manage stress, improve relationships, health, and achieve a higher level of satisfaction in life.  Her cognitive approach is designed help people think more objectively about situations, relationships and, develop successful strategies for greater satisfaction.  Dr. Diane has received rave reviews and awards for presentations in academic, corporate, business and professional organizations, cruise settings, and corporate training. Her pledge is to provide interesting and useful information in an entertaining way.  


         How to Talk to a "Y" Chromosome: Effective Gender Communication..

        Since men and women are fundamentally different, communication can be a challenge. We can enjoy learning and laughter while discovering fundamental truths and techniques to communicate more effectively


       Winning Without Fighting: How to Get What You Want Without Arguing

         Have fun learning a new way to �win� without stressful arguments.  Audience  participation and humor make this an winning presentation.

     Stress Management: Managing Stress Before it Manages You.

      Understand how stress works to sabotage you, and the simple secret to subdue it.  Dr. Diane combines behavioral medicine, wit and wisdom, to teach you how to quickly control your stress.


       Healthy Optimism: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Health

  Learn how to promote health by challenging �poison thoughts.�  International research and practical techniques make this fascinating "Food for Thought."


       Making Molehills out of Mountains

  Learn to turn stressful situations into satisfying, self-esteem building experiences. Bring your �Mountains� and watch them turn into "Molehills" before your eyes.


      Building Positive Relationships: Eliminate the Negative

  Learn the basic method to turn any work or family relationship into a more positive one.


       High Impact Presentation Training

        Learn the proven techniques for Captivating, Motivating and Inspiring


Success Syndrome: How to Get it

   Learn to defeat failure, and stack the odds of success in your favor. Come and have fun, and discover how to gain satisfaction, and get what you want in life.



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